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For those of you who follow this blog, unfortunately the ‘follows’ did not transfer to the new one. All you have to do is go to and subscribe again.

Hope to see you all there!

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Deep Breath … I DID IT! Launched the new site

Creating a website is really a never-ending job and sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and go for it. So I did!

Introducing the new and improved blog…!

It’s the same fibery fun as before, only now there will be more of it. So, I hope you will join me on my new venture. Participation and comments are highly encouraged! As is sharing. If you know someone who is interested in the fiber world, please tell them about us.

And if you were following this page, no worries…it will automatically be forwarded to the new Fiberartsy page shortly so you won’t miss any of my ramblings.

Thank you and love to you all!
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Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes!

We’re movin’ on up! Yup, that’s right. Moving my fibery blog to its own website. Ok, I know it’s not a big deal to you guys but I’m pretty excited about it! has been a great home but I kind of want my page just-so and with .Com, I’m limited with what I can customize. Still staying with WordPress, however, just upgrading to the .Org version.

What does this mean to you? Not much lol… Other than the fact that I’m hoping to bring you much more fiber info s.a. projects, patterns, special sales and bunches more fibery goodness.

Since Kentucky Blue Fiber is my company name (and website), the name of the blog will have to change. No worries, it’ll still be easy to find and access.

Oh, and I’m assuming this old blog will be available during the transition. Honestly, I don’t know. If not, I’ll see you in a couple of days.

Stay safe and warm!

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Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

Seems the only exercise I have time for these days is walking.  Well, like many of you, I don’t like to walk alone so I take our beagle, Maggie, with me.  Winter’s here and as luck would have it, I couldn’t find Maggie’s coat. The sewing machine was already out so, of course, here goes another project! (My husband’s favorite saying…”You can make that!”)

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

It didn’t occur to me to take pix while I was making Maggie’s coat so I’ll just have to recreate the process.

Supplies needed:
-Large piece of non-raveling fabric such as felt. This will eliminate the need to hem the edges. I had previously nuno felted a large piece of fabric with silk chiffon sandwiched between two layers of alpaca fiber batting. I dyed this in a marbled red/blue.

-Sew on Hook & Loop Tape such as Velcro

-Sewing machine or needle and thread

This is the basic shape for most dog coats. The bottom part wraps around the torso and is attached with hook & loop tape at the belly. The front pieces wrap around the neck to keep the whole thing in place. I measured around Maggie’s belly, neck and the length of her body to get the general size.

dog coat 2

All I did was sew the pieces of hook & loop tape to both sides of the belly part and both sides of the neck part.Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

Say Hi Maggie!Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

We took the coat for a test drive and it works like a charm! And the beauty of alpaca fiber is the warmth even though the fabric itself is very thin and lightweight. Now we just need to see how durable it is.

Happy New Year!
Big Changes coming to the blog soon so I hope you stay tuned 🙂

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Custom Nuno Felted Shawl – Done!

Custom Nuno Felted Shawl – Done!

One of the really fun parts of my ‘job’ is the custom felting orders that roll in for Christmas. Here’s an alpaca shawl I finished yesterday. My customer asked for black with red and white alpaca with some mulberry silk felted in.

First, I cut the black silk chiffon (for the base) about 1 foot larger on both sides to account for shrinkage.

Felted Alpaca Shawl, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

I laid out the white, red and some purple alpaca roving, then filled in the blanks with black fiber.

Felted Alpaca Shawl, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

When I was happy with the design, I added hand dyed mulberry silk for some sheen and texture

Felted Alpaca Shawl, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

I wet the whole thing down thoroughly and with bubble wrap on top, started working the water into the fiber.

Felted Alpaca Shawl, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.


At this point, I ran out of time so I stopped taking pictures lol.  I wanted this shawl to be lightweight and not bulky so I decided to felt only one side of the silk chiffon.  Since my bamboo blind is new, I was afraid it would snag the chiffon so instead of rolling the shawl to full it, I used the clothes dryer. I don’t usually like to do that as it doesn’t give me the control over the final felt, but in this case it worked out great.

And there she is!

Felted Alpaca Shawl, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.


Nuno felted shawl with hand dyed and natural color alpaca fiber and mulberry silk. I like it 🙂

And now on to decorating my little Charlie Brown christmas tree.

Happy Thursday!

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Fiber Monday Deals -n- Steals (Dec. 2013)

Fiber Monday Deals -n- Steals

Don’t you just love the great fiber deals you can’t get this time of year? Why not stock up and add to that stash?? Some more sales on fiber equipment, yarn and free shipping ….

Funky Grab Bags at Sheep Shed Studio:
This is an ongoing sale of mill ends, leftover wool and roving at only $9 per lb! 100% wool, perfect if you’re just starting to learn how to spin yarn or for us fiber felters. Sheep Shed Studio Specials

$1,000 Holiday Giveaway
Chandi of Expression Fiber Arts “A Positive Twist on Yarn” is giving away $100 to 10 lucky people for the Holidays.  All you have to do is Enter Here

Paradise Fibers
All kinds of bargains going on there.  Did you ever notice the links at the top left? There’s the Deal of the Day and the Bargain Bin. These vary but it’s usually sweet deals on yarn and knitting patterns

Free Knitting Patterns
Wow! Free knitting patterns for just about any project you can think of! They also have free ebooks and giveaways.

Free Priority Shipping on Fiber, Wool, Felted Scarves and Shawls
And last, but not least, I am still offering Free Priority Mail Shipping on all orders of $50 or more at my Etsy Shop. You can find raw wool, alpaca fiber, yarn and felted pieces. Coupon code ‘HAPPYHOLIDAYS’. Kentucky Blue Fiber Etsy Shop

Merry Christmas Everybody!
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(Please note: This is for information purposes only. Kentucky Blue Fiber Co. makes no guarantees as to the validity of these offers)

How to Hand Paint Yarn

How to hand paint yarn….

There are many different methods and ideas on how to hand paint yarn.  So what’s the best way? Who knows! But here’s the way I do it:

Gather your supplies:

Hand painting yarn supplies

Yarn – This is protein fiber yarn specifically an alpaca/merino blend
Dye – I like to use Jacquard Acid Dyes (match your fiber to the dye)
Scale – The little black box to measure the dye
Face mask – Not shown but very important when mixing dye powder
Squirt bottles – Some people use sponge brushes but I prefer squirt bottles
Plastic wrap – I wrap my skeins to steam them
Chopsticks – I use them to move the yarn so the dye penetrates all of it

The first step is to soak your yarn in warm water with some vinegar added. (This is the ‘acid’ in acid dyes). I usually paint about 8 to 10 skeins at a time so I add about 1 cup of vinegar. Let your yarn soak for about an hour.

While your yarn is soaking, mix up your dyes. The instructions are on the dye bottles so I won’t go into the details other than to say that for most colors I mix approximately .3 oz per 1/2 gallon of water.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

Next you want to remove your yarn from the water and let it drain for a bit. About 20 minutes or so. You don’t want it to dry out but it also shouldn’t be dripping wet. Squeeze out the excess water.

Lay down a length of plastic wrap and place your yarn on top. The plastic should be larger than the area of your yarn.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

Now the fun starts! With the squirt bottle, begin applying your dye. Use the chopsticks to carefully move the yarn to make sure the dye penetrates to the bottom of the skein.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

When switching colors, I will usually leave a small gap to give the colors a chance to blend together.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

After all of the color is applied, I use newspapers to soak up the excess dye. Next, you want to roll your yarn up in the plastic wrap. How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

Place it in a large pot with a steamer basket or something to keep it out of the water.  Add water to the pot, bring to a boil and simmer for about an hour. Let the yarn cool overnight.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

Next, rinse your yarn thoroughly in luke warm water until the water runs clear. Fill a bowl with water, add some dish soap and place your yarn in the bowl. This will help to remove any excess dye particles that didn’t adhere to the yarn. Rinse the yarn again and hang it up to dry.

How to hand paint yarn, Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

Voila! Hand painted yarn. If you have any questions about these instructions, please let me know.

Happy Wednesday!

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